The latest machining technology  is utilised to produce high specification, intricate components.

Utilising superimposed & synchronised control and multi-axis/multi-line integrated control allows us to optimise part production. Thus by reducing/eliminating the need for secondary operations, we can produce parts that would be considered impractical on conventional lathes.

With machines ranging from, 5mm capacity Citizen R04 (7 Axis) to the 35mm capacity Citizen M32-V (14 Axis), we are well positioned to select the ideal machine to manufacture parts in the sub 35mm range. And with the capibility to mount 60+ tools we can customise the machines to any operation.

Support equipment includes:
Induction Heat Treatment
Durr Cleaning Plant 80C with Ultrasonics
In House Black Oxide coating (cold)
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The Latest Machining Technology